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HMS Ganges played a hugely important role in the lives of civilians living on the Shotley peninsula, Ipswich, Harwich and Felixstowe.

Whether it was working to help look after the 2,000 trainees and instructors at any one time, or enjoying the swimming pool, sporting facilities, the bowling alley or coming along to the Open Days, fetes and various parties held at HMS Ganges, the Royal Navy’s most famous training establishment impacted on many peoples’ lives.

HMS Ganges Museum is holding a commemorative exhibition marking the closure of HMS Ganges on October 28, 1976 and you are welcome to come along to share your memories, or enjoy the stories, ditties and tales of life enjoyed by the men and women that made HMS Ganges tick.

Come along to the exhibition at Shotley Village Hall from 1000 until 1700. The museum, based at Shotley marina, will also be open and there will be a sunset ceremony at the museum at 1733.

In true Navy style there will be a 1976-style bop, with a Halloween twist from 1930 at Shotley Village Hall 

For further details or to share your memories; contact HMS Ganges Museum

From Boys To Men

HMS Ganges Museum is dedicated to the 160,000 boys who went through the gates as boys and marched out as men, from its inception as a Royal Navy Training Establishment in 1905 to its closure in 1976.

The training was tough, brutal at times, yet many of those who came through remember HMS Ganges, at Shotley Gate, with a certain fondness. All the artefacts on display have been donated by former trainees, instructors and staff, or their families.

The museum is manned by volunteers, many are former Ganges boys, long in the tooth but with a head full of knowledge, anecdotes and memories whether they went through the full two years, or as six-week wonders in the latter days of Ganges. 

Opening Times

The museum is open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank  Holidays from 1100-1700 (last entry 1630). From Easter until the end of October

If you wish to organise a group visit, or a special trip out of usual hours, please contact a volunteer out of hours. 

Entry to the museum is free, although all donations are welcome and are used for running costs.