Ahoy Shippers

Our happy crew of volunteers will be delighted to serve you and help you enjoy the HMS Ganges Museum experience as much as possible.

Feel free to contact us direct via the contact form or you can phone or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be a little patient as we can't always respond immediately.


Chairman: Roger Jones - 07977 331452 or                                                              01473 788315    chairman@hmsgangesmuseum.com

Secretary: June Lawford-Randall 01473 788723 -thesecretary@hmsgangesmuseum.com

Treasurer: Sheila Wilson -treasurer@hmsgangesmuseum.com

Trustees: Dave Andrews, Lynden Cox, Barrie Scott-Webb, Phil Coe.

HMS Ganges Museum

Shotley Marina

Shotley Gate